The lyrics to the songs

Words and music by K.P.Geier

All rights of the producer and of the owner
of the recorded work reserved

Sweet Apples
Silent Movie
Times Like These
The First Beer Of Summer
Thor Montgomery
Next Time I Leave
If Ignored
Call Me Levelheaded
I Have A Theory
Lover In Arms
Not my Dread
I'm slow
Heaven past eleven
Coffee and chocolate
Nothing unknown
Poor acting
Claudi's song
Washed out
A fake a pose a wish
I dont't want to know
From pain to boredom
Rubber duck

Sweet Apples

She was walking along on a beautiful day
and there’s rarely been a sight more exciting
a basket before her and her apples on display
which were to put it lightly most inviting

and she said:
“I’ve got some sweet apples
would you like to see
they’re round and smooth and rather juicy
you’ll love my sweet apples...
taste them – and you’ll agree”

I was sitting in a bar trying to decide what might be nice
when the girl said to me “brown tequila’s the thing
with a hint of cinnamon and an orange slice
- see my oranges – aren’t they most enticing

and she went on:
“I’ve got some sweet oranges
you’ll just savour the flavour
they’re ripe and plump and really juicy
you’ll love my sweet oranges...
taste them – and you’ll agree”

Life can be so fruity and appealing all the time
the vitamins, the endorphins – to ignore them is a crime
delightfully, fruit is to be found all aver the place
and if you’re really lucky it is close enough to taste

Trailing on a summers day down the city’s busy streets
I was either going to quench my thirst or fall down dead
I glimpsed a woman by the road with mighty mighty treats
“My melons are just the thing you need” she said.

“I’ve got some sweet melons
bursting at the seams
full, refreshing and totally juicy
you’ll love my sweet melons...
taste them – and you’ll agree

The world is full of flavour and full of healthy vitamins
To pick some fruit must be at most, the least of tiny sins
The world’s a lovely place where the most juicy of fruits abound
But then who needs fruit when there’s apples around

She said:
“I’ve got some sweet apples
would you like to see
they’re round and smooth and rather juicy....

Silent Movie

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want it any other way
but sometimes it's as though you don't have any ears at all
naturally as a friend I'm interested in what you have to say
and of course I'll always be there when you call

Beside you I'm like a silent movie
though words can flow from me like a waterfall
when we're passing the time I'm more like I should be
and though you've told me things a thousand times I'm seldom ever bored at all

Don't be annoyed if I'm provoked into extreme advice
but anything less would be like spitting in the wind
your wellbeing is more important than my being nice
sometimes I have to free the facts or remain endlessly chagrined

Beside you I'm like a silent movie
though my face shows more than any choosable word
take all the time you need for your stories to unfold endlessly
can't say I mind – just sitting's a position I've always preferred

Don't think you've convinced me of an open ear
Your vacant eyes show you're using my moment for strategic thought
Just biding your time for the air to clear
To take up where you left off whether consistent or not

Beside you I'm like a silent movie
Though the colour isn't missing from the story unfolding
As a listener with you I'm as endless as the sea
And while my glass gets replaced the beer goes stale in the one you're holding

Don't think I'm misjudging the weight of your troubles
though like rock they remain unchanged and unbudging
your ideas pop up fast and then burst like bubbles
though far be it from me to go judging

Beside you I'm like a silent movie
neither expressive with words nor impressive in action
you try to fly like a bird while I stay rooted like a tree
and well I know it – that's part of your attraction

Beside you I'm like a silent movie
while you deliver novels as subtitles
we make a good team – you and me
and though my ears will one day fall off your friendship is vital
to me

Times Like These

Hello there - good day to you sweets
If I didn’t feel so wretched I’d be dancing
But you’re ever delightful
Cool and insightful
Meet me for kisses – you are forever enhancing
My life

Welcome home – good afternoon Babe
Can’t say I feel like talking – so proceed
Ceaselessly things are on your mind
You’re mostly ahead, and rarely behind
Save me an hour at the end of the day – as ever I’m in need
Of your company

So this is the living
Life and the loving
Sparkling smiles and no detraction
no distraction no regrets
let’s seize the day
cause times like these
Are for days like this

You almost awoke there – but then again perhaps not
If I weren’t so restless I’d be sleeping
You’re able to any time of day
just shut your eyes and you’re away
Caught awake endlessly - I don’t mind time creeping
When you’re sleeping

So you’re free for some time to come – glad to hear it
This day is fantastic so come join me in indolence
You contrast magically
No need to end the day tragically
Sit here and wait for tomorrow – it’s bound to show

You feel the movement
You take your share
You don’t get snared
By fake improvement
In everyday damnation
This you can decide
not to be dutiful
but to be beautiful
not to abide
by rules and regulations

Looks like we’re free – so let’s take off down the road
If I weren’t so sober I’d be doubled up with laughter
laugh with me - that’s all I require
waste your time with me – that’s all I desire
show me where to go and I’ll show you where to stay
forever, tomorrow and today

Hello there - good day to you sweets
If I didn’t feel so lazy I’d be dancing
Cause you’re ever delightful
Cool and insightful
Meet me for kisses – you are forever enhancing
My life

The First Beer Of Summer

The biting cold has left and tension is leaving me ever so smoothly
while sounds are increasing awaiting fragrances to reawaken
colourless perceptions turn to florid patterns that blend soothingly
and with my nose to the breeze as ever I'm sure I'm not mistaken
it may be called spring, this time of the year
but to me it's the summer being jump-started
and once it's warm enough I'll be sitting right here
in the beergarden after winter has departed

It's the first beer of summer
a moment of indescribable perfection
savoured, enjoyed and remembered with affection
exuberantly exclaimed to the whole of humanity
a feeling so vibrant that it borders on insanity
that's the first beer of summer

I can smell the air while wandering towards summer's perfect location
slendering along and taking it slow anticipating a cold one in due time
even hayfever's sneezes cannot subdue me in view of my destination
to be seated amidst the trees in comfort and this company of mine
the sun may be scorching and the pollen attacking
with myriads of bugs as re-enforcements
but a mug full of beer and something for snacking
is all I need as beergarden endorsement

Summer and beer is like chocolate and coffee
a perfect combination to be aware of
liquid sunshine and a place to feel free
to sit back and let the stiffness of winter wear off
it's almost like religion at its best
relaxing in heaven and feeling blessed

The sun sets and the heat of the day leaves the air soft as cotton
while summer sounds begin prevailing keeping the night awake
thoughts turn to days gone by and nights not forgotten
memories vivid and intense leaving the heart with a minor ache
in summer life's alive every day
with beer enough to fuel it
I'll enjoy it as long as I may
until winter comes to cool it


Must be the weather
couldn't be more irritated
feels like fire inside
need to go out for a ride
need to feel free of the tether

irritating, irritated, irritable
don't mean to be complaining
but my mind seems uncontrollable
irritating, irritated, irritable
continuously it's as though it's raining
and my misbehaviour leaves me inconsolable

Guess it must be work
couldn't be more irritated
feels like a never ending itch
a monstrous nervous twitch
bound to go berserk

irritable, irritated, frustrated
don't mean to be complaining
but my mind seems uncontrollable
irritable, irritated, frustrated
continuously it's as though it's raining
and my misbehaviour leaves me inconsolable

Could be a minor imbalance
feel most irritated
act dislikeably dumb
unsettled but also numb
aim for silence

frustrated, irritated, irritating
don't mean to be complaining
but my mind seems uncontrollable
frustrated, irritated, irritating
continuously it's as though it's raining
and my misbehaviour leaves me inconsolable

Thor Montgomery

Must be a mountain of a man
as wide as he is high
his aura stretching to the sky
his wisdom surpassing any plan
definitely unbeatable
completely undefeatable

Thor Montgomery
amongst men he is a god
Thor Montgomery
and Monty to those he knows
Thor Montgomery
to some he may seem odd
Thor Montgomery
but that's always the way it goes

Must be an an angel amongst sinners
as kind as he is strong
as honest as he is long
a pro amongst beginners
unbelievably astute
undeniably cute

Must be a man of many means
and never tight-fisted
or ever mean and twisted
must be in the genes
completely untainted
practically sainted

Thor don't be too Montgomery
but don't be too much of a Thor
carry your head high for all to see
and above all else don't be a bore

Must be more perfect than illusion
as perfect as his name
naturally destined for fame
beyond any doubt and confusion
dreamily ideal
ideally surreal

Next Time I Leave

When I see you lying there my heart takes a break
and it refuses to beat
until the next time we meet
so to myself I'll make an oath
to be broken by us both...

Once the door has shut the stillness is like an illness
Reduction to sobriety
Controlling of anxiety
But I have faith in the alteration of states
And that a future of better times awaits

Next time I leave
I'll take you to where I am going
I'll take you from where you have been
to be your armour forever
to be your partner in sin
next time I leave
we'll be loving and leaving together

Let's go far and away today
Let's up and run together
Take off and move forever
I won't look back with you at my side
I'll hold my head high and enjoy the ride

If Ignored

If ignored, is time defined by passing?
when unnoticed and neglected
might it take longer than expected
could it be infinitely shorter
if ignored, would value be assigned
or relevance be left behind

If ignored, is fear designed to falter?
when redirected or suppressed
might it be disguised or redressed
could it be controlled forever
if ignored, would it constitute reduction
or equal obstruction

If ignored, is duty turned to sloth
when unaccomplished and disregarded
might pleasure also be discarded
could elation be permanent
if ignored, would it be permanently absent
or presently returning

if ignored, paths are not chosen but defined
willpower lost to arbitrariness
resolution left behind
determination replaced by thoughtlessness
yet perhaps there are no choices to make
nor specific paths to take
perhaps ignorance is wisdom distilled
leaving the future to be filled
by whatever whatever

If ignored, does pleasure lose distinction
when unaware and inattentive
uninspired and uninventive
might one have less to offer
if ignored, is intensity lost immensly
or is one lost intensely

If ignored, does distraction lose its power
when unseen and unheard
when undefined and blurred
might peace make its home
if ignored, is distraction refocused
or distracted from

If ignored, does ignorance go unnoticed
when misjudged as witty and wise
seen as cleverness in disguise
might one be fooled into applause
if ignored, is ignorance bliss
and is this blissfulness

Call Me Levelheaded

Call me level-headed
never thought things should be dreaded
believe that life will turn out fine
even though death waits down the line

Call me optimistic
things are not complex but simplistic
no need for a future clearly defined
things are naturally structured and simply designed

Call me faithfully faithless
this surplus of knowledge seems tasteless
I believe there are things quite believable
but then again I’m quite deceivable

Not a care in the world at all
until the world has turned the tables on you
when there’s nothing to choose but to fall
and while falling there’s nothing but waiting to do
at least there’s no boredom to bear
while trying to regain the upper hand
and in the end why should you care
you may be down now but soon enough you’ll stand

You refuse to call me a realist
since I don’t complain I’m an optimist
perhaps I should be complaining
instead of wearing a hat when it’s raining

I refuse to be called a nice guy
I may be well behaved but I don’t know why
I’m making an effort at niceness
but the real thing truly is priceless

Call me an addict to my routined days
but I can break the addiction in plenty of ways
sometimes boredom can be a preference
if easily shaken in consequence

I’m a level-headed optimist
so I’m sensible yet not a realist
I’m a depressed and addicted boredom fighter
but all in all things couldn’t look brighter
I put faith in the time yet to come
and remember yesterday gladly
and when the end comes - then in sum
I hope I won’t have done badly

Call me level-headed
never thought things should be dreaded
believe that life will turn out fine
even though death waits down the line

I Have A Theory

Probably there’s much to know
and even more worth learning
intellect needs time to grow
and knowledge keeps you yearning
yearning for the endless input
sucking it in and creating the throughput
working things out and delivering the output
but mostly I just need to stay put
because have a theory!

I do not need the details all I need is some coherence
I need barely the basic information
let my brain ride on rails and wait for the appearance
of my logical sensation
let it explode in my brain
and I’ll go off like a train
enlightening everyone whether interested or not
taking a lot of words and using my hands a lot
hey what can I say I have a theory

Stupidly logical is my recipe
and no idea not worth articulation
no structure too vague for me
chaos open for interpretation
interpreting the information
no need to wait for confirmation
already I've found the explanation
and presentation is my obligation
because I have a theory!

I may not know the back from the front but I know the simple mechanics for sure
I need barely the basics of an idea in my head
It’s for connections that I hunt no matter how obscure
be they rare or widespread
let it all conglomerate
and materialise in a logical state
finally all can partake of my wise deductions
be they simple combinations or complex constructions
hey, what can I say I have a theory

Hey, hello I have a theory
listen to this and let me convince you
what you though you knew is really quite dreary
and in view of my wisdom you’ll agree too
I realise now I’m the cleverest guy around
especially in view of the connections I’ve found
I suppose my brain is of immense proportions
free of any boundaries and clear of distortions
And if you’re wondering how that can possibly be
Well...I have a theory

So in theory I’m truly clever
No need to argue it’s blatantly clear
I need to admit however
That my theories will probably not persevere
perhaps they lack a solid foundation
perhaps they seem illogical
politely spoken they’re a bit far-fetched
possibly painfully pointless
Hey It’s a theory

Lover In Arms

No longer do I stand alone against the army of life
to fight and succeed as a solitary man
our burdens are halved while our battle progresses
and our path is lit brightly in the light of our successes
this is to you my friend, my companion, my wife
this is to you my lover in arms

Never before have I been so aware of your existence
standing back to back with life no match for our prowess
you are to me as I wish to be to you
and as I count on you you can count on me to pull us through
in us I'll trust blindly, against us there is no point in resistance
now and forever you are my lover in arms

Though lonesome both of us might hold our ground
it is together that failure desolves to nothing
with no more option of defeat fortune awaits us
with no choice but that of joy, let joyfulness take us
together life like walking on air, forever off the ground
yours is the heart that pulses in this life, in my life
and mine is for you my lover in arms

Not my Dread

Your eyes won't call to me after this day
And your face will fade like the last chord of a song
That will be played again in time

Past believing in what I see
After this day the one to come will not
And I will answer your eyes that call to me

Nothing to my dread
Nothing to maintain
Twisted jokes won't turn my world around
Nothing I must say
No one to address
Pretty looks won't twist my heart – but yes
See you tomorrow
And then
See you the week after everything has changed

I hear you're worried
Not everything's alright in this new picture
But don't ask me I'm not the magic man to cast away the burden of your worries

It seems to me you made the wrong decision
And there's no way to take the choice to task
But don't worry, no song lasts forever and lots are never written.

I'm slow

What can I say – I'm slow
it takes me time to go
when I hurry
things go all blurry
...and that's not a good state to be in
I'm slow – see
doesn't mean there's something wrong with me
I'm a rocket in slow motion...
aimed at nothing and peacefull as the ocean

I couldn't care less where I'm going
nor when it was that I went
I'm bound to get somewhere in the time that I've got
and the time that I spend feels like time well spent

What can I say – I'm slow
it takes me time to go
don't want to be speeding
when I could be sitting reading
...and speeding when sitting is not a good state to read in
I'm slow – see
doesn't mean there's something wrong with me
I'm a rocket in slow motion...
aimed at nothing and peacefull as the ocean

I wonder sometimes what the hurry's about
and where it is I'm supposed to be heading
perhaps I need to run around with my head off my shoulders
seeing tomorrow as a day I should be dreading

Perhaps I'll fall behind and no one's going to miss me
perhaps I'm laughed at for my substandard pace
but at least I find the time for my girl to kiss me
and the peace to keep a frown off my face

What can I say – I'm slow
it takes me time to go
don't want to feel stressed
when I could be taking a rest
...and trying to rest when feeling stressed is not a good state to be in
I'm slow – see
doesn't mean there's something wrong with me
I'm a rocket in slow motion...
aimed at nothing and peacefull as the ocean

I'm a rocket in slow motion...
aimed at nothing and peacefull as the ocean

Heaven past eleven

It's time to go watch the sea again
to stop time and take a break to breathe again
let it rain if it must and catch the sun while you can
and walk up a hill
if you will

Better go now and take a walk on the shore
lift your face to the rain and the wind once more
stop your thoughts in their tracks and push the clouds from your mind
and let it rain on your head

Chorus: Can't think of a better place than this
the hills and the sea
the weather and even TV
wether in activity
or absolute lazyness
this is heaven
past eleven

How about lying in the bath all day
having some brews and whiling the time away
listening to music you've not listened to before
not making the money
but tasting the honey

Maybe you'd like to think for yourself just a little bit
use your brain without a goal and go to sleep while you're at it
read a book if you like and put it down when you've gotten bored
and take a ride on your bike
if you like

perhaps of course you can't stand the thought of chilling
doing something for nothing feels like time you should be filling
with horribly important and valuable tasks
so up up and away
no need for you to stay
get things done before you're dead
and chill out when your dead instead


Looks like it's gotten colder quicker
seems like the rain won't ever let up
in the morning the mist flows ever thicker
and every day it's getting harder to get up

Can't seem to remember an autumn ever being so gray
can't seem to adjust to this miserable state
don't feel it's time for winter
wish it were late
or that it stayed away

Can't seem to remember it getting cold so fast
summer's disappeared before it started to get cooking
looks like the sun's not built to last
and everything seems bleaker looking

I've got nothing to say against the rain
as long as it doesn't fall on my head never ending
guess I'll wait until winter to go insane
or I'll sit here pretending
summer is still around
or at least that it's bound
to return

Seems I forgot that half the year I spend my time in a frozen state
the other half went by without my noticing
is it only me or isn't spring usually late
while autumn comes along earlier than anything


I am afraid I do not know
What I'm doing with my time and where next to go
I dread routines but I fear the unknown
So I throttle my dreams and sit around at home

What am I doing, even "Nothing" seems exaggerated
Can't seem to move, and if I do it couldn't be any slower
What am I thinking, my mind seems permanently deflated
And if my mood sinks any lower, if my mood sinks any lower
I'll be inert,
completely inert

I am not working nor am I having fun
And my time keeps on flowing though I get nothing done
I'm not ambitious but I try to be clever
So things look alright although they take forever

If I spent more time working I might not be too cheerful
But there'd be no time for brooding and feeling cold and fearful
Work could be my new religion and fuel some new mobility
And I could work all my life until I reached senility

Maybe exclusively working away
Is an exuberant way to spend one's day
But truly I'd rather waste my time
Than believing I've no time to lose
And if sleeping late is considered a crime
I'd rather be a criminal than some Goody Two Shoes

Waste another day or waste another week
It doesn't make a difference if there's no time to keep
No matter what you do time will keep drowning away
So I'll try to be happy doing anything each day

Coffee and chocolate

Seems like the time you spend
is time spent waiting
for something
or someone
or just another time
it won't ever come to an end
your time is wasted
so it seems
and so it is
for now
and maybe forever

Happiness is this cup of coffee
and bliss is
this piece of chocolate
sleep it seems
to be the answer
and the dreams
that go with it
and when it's time to move along
your boredom is forgotten
your anger and your
murderous curses
are locked away
and deeply hidden

Sweetness is the hour of waking
and life is what it holds
breakfast gives it soul and meaning
coffee makes the morning roll
waiting may be hell on earth
and boredom
the devil's time
but in the end it's
coffee and chocolate
make it all worth while

Nothing unknown

What's to tell of the facts
as I know them
they make their point
but who am I to talk
wish I could judge now
what I'll know for certain later
but to trust that certainty
would make me the joke I seem

And I will judge you tomorrow
as you did to me through me yesterday
and don't worry I won't fall over my pride
and if I'm wrong then that just proves your point

Seems like there's two of me
to deny what I believe
barred out of preference to
what I've become
and never trying to
be better anyhow
not that I care
for any of that

Who's to tell the jokes
that do not make you laugh
I'll take my smile and bury it
beneath your every thought
never had to try
to prove myself
and I won't now
not that I care


It's time to take things in hand
is that what I thought
when I picked up the phone
the sun's up before I'm home in the mornings now
and if I am late
you might as well call me early

How may I help you
I don't recall meeting
you seem a nice person
so let us not talk too long
I'm not so likable
and I'd rather you got wet
than me
when it starts raining

I'd like to stop talking but no
in truth I don't mind
torturing you
it was you who spoke to me
at least that's how it seems to me
or maybe
it was only my imagination

I could say I'm sorry
if I meant what I said
but you see
I can't say that I do
so I'll leave you
before you remember that


Spring come over here
and let me forget all my bothersome fear
let the sun bake every thought out of me
and let the breeze carry them all away from me

Spring come over here
and let me sit in the sun drinking beer
I'll close my eyes and let it flow into me
and then I'll open my eyes and let even more flow into me

I am waiting spring
springtime I am waiting
I am waiting for the sun
spring I'm waiting for some fun

Spring is my desire
to sit in the evening outside by the fire
I can't wait for the taste of those ribs
and those steaks and if needs be something vegetarian

If I see another cloud I'm going to scream
and tear at my hair until my head is all bare
in truth it seems
as though winter's never going to be over
and I'll be stuck here forever wearing an old pullover

I don't mind spring even slightly
with all the girls dressed less than lightly
and toward summer things keep getting hotter
and lighter and brighter
until they can't get any righter
I'll embrace spring and summer and take all I can manage
and spend all my time in the sun till I get braindamage


Gently is the word
but unspoken
and truths are not broken
by denial
no understanding is derived
from tears
and no healing comes
from acceptance

I put no faith
in dependence
innocence is a part
of my armour
release me to freedom
I despise
because with freedom there is nothing
to hold on to

Dictate my meaning take away the horizon
paint my windows and rearrange my tracks
take no heed
and ask no questions
I am not and you won't be

If I reached down
I'd fall down
and trying to rise is futile
without wings
no fight
I won't be your savior
and if you think it's all right
I'll tell you it's not


Won't be empty handed
in the days to come I'll take my joy
and will not break the spirit
the shape and soul of what can be
to me what I desire
and to you what you decide

Will not ever look for it
nor take the moment for what it is
and cannot let the future rest
but live it now before it's reached
what I believe it will
but you were not preconceived

It's like a memory twisted
not what ever was
it's like you're gone before you've been
what will be is what is

Learned to tell you how I feel
but I don't believe it counts for much
don't think it'll change a thing
but I'll tell you anyway
because I don't know
how not to

Poor acting

You're a stranger and I'll never know you
but still you'll kill my euphoria
you see me and maybe you know me
but today you won't
and tomorrow we'll never have met

Perhaps someday I'll meet you the only one
and I'll kill your smile for a while
we'll be strangers forever
tomorrow more than yesterday
and surface changes will be our trademark

Perhaps you are no angel after all
do you hate people perhaps is it unintentional
this inate kindness on your part
maybe in truth I'm the angel
covering up with poor acting

Claudi's song

This is what I think
and this is what I'm going to say
I will say kiss
and I won't say I want to
because I do and since I can't
my lips feel cold

This is what I feel
and this is what I'm going to write
I will say love
and I can't say I don't
because I do and if I joke
I needn't blush

This is what I need
and this is what I mean to tell
I will say you
and I can't tell you now
because your ear's not here
but I'll tell you tomorrow

Washed out

We'll be going crazy soon
I tell myself
and I know I won't
we're being driven to the edge
but I won't fall
though I would
if I could

This feels like the iceage
full of misery
this feels like the sea
pouring down
on me

We'll be writing songs like this
forever I feel
and after that
someone must hate me awfully
or maybe a crowd
to curse me
so endlessly

This feels like the iceage
full of cold and dread
this feels like the world's waterfalls
falling on
my head

The seas are wild to look upon today
and dirty also
but we don't mind
we wouldn't jump in anyway
I swear
even if the seas
went to my knees

This feels like an iceage
full of heartless pain
this feels like we're sitting
in the universal

A fake a pose a wish

I'll take what I want what I think
what I desire to be complete
I'll do what I can what I believe
what I deceive myself into thinking I must
no one can tell me how
a broken bridge is crossed
no matter what it takes
no matter what the theory
a word a step a mistake

If I were you I'd stay away
I'd back away I'd laugh about it
but you probably can stand it all
believe in nothing and be as honest as your understanding
no one can tell you how
It's broken
no matter what the tool
no matter what the object
a truth a lie a misunderstanding

If I were them I'd take no heed
pay no attention and leave off friendship
I'd do what I don't what I want
what I know I could not
I can't tell anyone
because I say what I don't believe
no matter what it sounds like
no matter if you think it's honest
a fake a pose a wish

I dont't want to know

The weather's bad and nobody's going to listen
to what I've got to say not that I'd want them to
and every day I wonder why I'm so clever sometimes
after I've been as quiet as bombs after they're done
nobody wants to take the truth and make it
part of the facts not that I know what that is all about
and if I take it now I won't be so happy later
not that I ever wanted to be so that's a relief

And I don't want to know I don't want to know
I don't want to know and if I do I don't want to care

Take the thimble that's no kiss and had it been it still
would be and I wouldn't regret it the story seems to be quite
good although an expert might not agree guess I'm
lucky I'm not lucky to be lucky to have been lucky
not to ever be again I'll believe in what I say from now on
and once it's over it's over and though I fear I do not hope
and try to believe that try to believe that


Coffee running through my veins
and stars fly by my left eye
I've got no idea why I did it again

High on sugar from my cup
and eating to beat the time
I've got no idea how I got here again

This is the time for mean moves
breaking hearts is like running down the prisonguard

No smiles for my poor choice
and dislike me if you can
I've got no idea why it's me again

No line to cross to me
but for your need you will
I've got no idea why it's my decision

From pain to boredom

I am losing my time for others
I keep seeing an arrogant Face
can't say why
and I won't speak of tomorrow
won't say how
and I can't see the sense in it
I keep sensing it

Try to keep time in track
you can tell it by the frown on my face
will not try
and I don't care for being cared for
will not feel
and I won't sense the pain in it
I keep sensing it

Day to day from pain to boredom
take your time - but
leave before someone who cares to change things
comes to take down the walls

I feel the moment pass by
feel the hold pass away
don't know why
and I don't care for reasons
won't speak out
because I can't see the sense in it
I keep sensing it

Rubber duck

I tried to call you
but the phone made a meal
of my investment

I would have tried again
but my brain did away
with my intentions

Won't you try to rebalance me
I'll give you lot's of shots
I'll ignore others of your kind
and be like a rubber duck in a bath
of rubber swans

No question to be asked
but would my coffee not be sweeter
at your table

No clever theory
concerning sugarbowls and pretty
little ashtrays

Won't you try to not smile at me
my talk is cheaper than the radios'
I'll be a slave to all others
and play apocalypse
for rubber swans

You're not that scary anymore
since you laughed at my joke
about everything

I will tell you more
should you ever have need
of another ashtray

Won't you try to rebalance me
I'll give you lots of shots
I'll ignore others of your kind
and be like a rubber duck in a bath
of rubber swans